Dental Conferences

Tax-Deductible Dental Vacation

This amazing event allows your family or staff to take a tax-deductible vacation to the beautiful islands of Kauai while learning profit-enhancing strategies for your practice and attaining up to 16 hours of dental continuing education credits.

Enjoy Kauai & Learn

Courses will be offered on a variety of topics designed to help maximize the potential of your dental practice. Get there early and spend the weekend sleeping in or take time to explore the unreal beauty of the island. During the week, attend courses in the morning and afternoon, and join fellow attendees for an evening of fun.

An Amazing Investment

These dental conferences in Kauai 2015 will provide you with tax, marketing and management strategies that will easily pay for your trip 10 times over. Learn more about our speakers and our agenda.

Become PRO Certified

Show your patients that you are a valued proactive member of the dental community! For attending the ADCPA 2015 Dental Conferences , you will receive a PRO Certification issued by the ADCPA that you can display in your office.